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Metal Services in Prince Albert, SK area

McDonald Metals Ltd. offers a variety of metal services in Saskatchewan.

Industrial Scrap Metal

Industrial scrap metal

Our experienced metal company recycles industrial scrap metal. We find solutions for your scrap metal recycling needs, including custom containers, material handling, and transportation services. We also work with oversized pieces and sensitive material that needs certified destruction. The McDonald Metals Ltd. staff handles, processes, packages, markets, and brokers industrial scrap metal from any manufacturing facility. We are equipped to handle any amount. Just a few examples of the types of scrap metal we take include cars, appliances, farm machinery, plates, beams, and construction equipment.

Baling Services

Baling services

We also offer baling services for light metal packaging, appliances, and landfill cleanups.

Auto Crushing

Auto crushing

McDonald Metals Ltd. offers auto crushing as well to efficiently recycle broken down, old, and unwanted vehicles, as well as farm equipment. We have equipment that can crush thousands of pounds, which compacts a car into a square of metal. The car is crushed between two moving metal plates. We reduce the impact of car metal on the environment. The steel is then reused by shredding it and separating it into smaller pieces and repurposed for machinery, tools, metal buildings, and new cars.

Container Services

Metal container

We provide bins for industrial accounts for metal placement.

Spot Trailers

Semi truck and trailer

For large metal items such as cars, machines, and appliances, McDonald Metals Ltd. has spot trailers on site for loading these items.


Metal pipes
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Radiators
  • Lead
  • Batteries
  • Steel

If you’re looking to make such extra cash by getting rid of your metal junk, come to McDonald Metals Ltd.

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